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Which Scuba Diving Training Agency Should You Learn To Dive With?

Which Scuba Diving Training Agency Should You Learn To Dive With?

Which Scuba Diving Training Agency Should You Learn To Dive With? It’s a question you get asked a lot as a Dive Instructor. What’s the difference between the various scuba training agencies? Can you change from one scuba training agency to another between courses?

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In this week’s Mouthpiece Monday, we’re exploring the relationship between different scuba certification agencies and what pitfalls to look out for. I wanted to define what it means for your scuba diving certification to be ‘Internationally recognized’ and what issues you may face if it isn’t.

There are so many different scuba training agencies out there… PADI, SDI, SSI, NAUI, RAID, IANTD… etc etc 160 according to Wikipedia at time of publishing, with more created every year? Does it even matter who’s dive course you do?

00:41 Intro and overview
01:29 Report by @findingmenno from the BOOT Show, Düsseldorf 2020
04:08 Shout out to the AWESOME crew of PDC! You will be missed!
05:28 How do you choose a Scuba Diver training agency?
06:17 What does ‘internationally recognized’ mean?
09:36 Diver training certs and Dive Insurance
10:55 Can you change from one scuba diving training agency to another?
12:22 Why did I switch training agencies, as a Scuba Diving Instructor?
14:12 Instructor Vs Student, relationships with your training agency

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