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What REALLY happened to Patrick Childress Sailing on SV Brick House!?!? (#66)

What REALLY happened to Patrick Childress Sailing on SV Brick House!?!? (#66)

Whats the REAL story behind Patrick Childress, sailing the last storm of his life? Whats the future for his wife and first mate Rebecca Childress onboard their 1976 Valiant 40, Brick House, after a near circumnavigation, and the Patrick Childress Sailing Channel here on YouTube?
Patrick and Rebecca Childress have been sailing around the world for 13 years, and recently sailed around the Cape of Good Hope, the Cape of storms, to Hout Bay, and then to one of Patrick Childress’ most remembered places in the world, Cape Town, where he had visited nearly 40 years ago on his first circumnavigation aboard Juggernaut, a Catalina 27. He had spoken fondly about the Royal Cape Yacht Club for a decade before arriving here. Its interesting that Cape Town turned out to be his final resting place. Rebecca Childress now decides where her liveaboard sailing life will lead her, what to do about her liveaboard home of 25+ years, Brick House, and explains the trauma of getting very sick in a foreign country, and then losing her captain in Cape Town, South Africa.

Special Thanks to Paper Boat Project, Sailing Uma , The OKelley’s, Follow the Boat and other sailing channels who helped spread the word of the fundraiser so kindly started by Leanne Coffman and Matt Ray to pay for what health insurance refused to pay. There will be full details of the day by day experience on my blog soon. (sign up below)

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