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We Started the Sunk Mercury Verado 300 !

We Started the Sunk Mercury Verado 300 !

When you go boldly you don’t do it sometimes you do it all the time ! The unbelievable story of Black Betty the 10M Fluid Rib Boat that spit an engine because of improperly used mounting bolts.This is a Story of never giving up and not giving in to the haters and the Naysayers.

Two Cuban/Americans from Miami went back with two divers and recovered the Sunken Mercury Verado 300Hp after being underwater 11 days. The moral of this epic saga is that you should never give up no matter the circumstances!

Huge Special thanks to the Following Companies:

South Florida Marine Center (Eric and Jeremy)
The Boat Center (Sean Will and Phil)
Marine Express in Hialeah (Oscar Ozzie)
Monster Marine (Erick)
Carrera Powerboats (Anthony and Al
Sirocco Marine Fort Lauderdale (Boyd)

All the people that encouraged us to never give up and helped a lot along the way.

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