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VR180 – A Walk Down Venice Beach California – HMD compatible

VR180 – A Walk Down Venice Beach California – HMD compatible

A long walk down Venice Beach on May 13, 2018.

Best viewed using the “YouTube VR” app in the headset. Other players may simply fail to show the video correctly.

This video is for an HMD in 3d, or you can pan around in YouTube using the mouse to look in different directions.

Posted to YouTube using VR180 Creator, which is a program you can download for free that injects the right metadata into a video so it can be viewed with a Head Mounted Display or just on a flat youtube window. This software puts metadata inside the video before you upload it so your format works.

For the rig I shot this with, it was twin gopro hero 4 cameras that were synced. Those cameras have a Horizontal field of view of 120 degrees and a vertical field of view of 70 degrees. So, this will not completely cover 180 degrees in all directions, but it should appear correctly. These field of view settings can be customized in the VR180 Creator application. This metadata is added to a new video file without the need for reencoding, so it happens very quickly, and your video quality is not changed at all. Then you can post the video to youtube.

The rig that shot this video can be seen here:

I have many 3d videos on my channel, SCSTUDIOS8. Most are just side by side videos that you can extract from youtube using some free software called 4kDownloader. This gives you the left and right video and you can watch 3d in a head mounted display with a player like Whirligig. A free program called Stereoscopic Player works well for just about anything if you have a 3d display.