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Using Our RADAR In Fog – Ep. 207 RAN Sailing

Using Our RADAR In Fog – Ep. 207 RAN Sailing

We leave the south coast in Sweden and sail north to Skillinge. We come in to thick fog out on the ocean so we’re happy we have a radar onboard!

We are a Swedish couple who have sailed the world since 2016 while sharing the adventures here on YouTube. In 2019 our daughter was born and we bought a bigger boat to continue sailing as a family.

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Music credits:
00:16 Ostinato – Vieveri
00:58 Rain Quail – Dust Follows
09:17 Lapis Lazuli – Sarah, the Illstrumentalist
10:18 It’ll Be Alright (Instrumental Version) – Cody Francis

Malin, Johan & Vera