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Tug Boat Captain on the Miami River( Busy Weekend Traffic)

Tug Boat Captain on the Miami River( Busy Weekend Traffic)

Hempstead Marine Inc. has been towing boats since the 1920’s and is a small family owned business. I was filming the Jean Ruth tug and the Atlas tug down the Miami River the other day with Aidan,my son,while on our boat. I was extremely fascinated with their tug work and uploaded a video to my YouTube Channel.

To my surprise I get an Instagram direct message( I don’t have facebook )from Susan Wood Hempstead that left a callback number.I literally called one minute later and spoke to Norman,the tug Captain on the Jean Ruth.Norman was so proud of being able to watch his son work down the River because of my YouTube Channel.He is always on the pull Tug up front and has been on the Miami River since 1957.Norman called me and Said, “Alfred you are good I love what you did on that Video and i’d like to invite you on our Tugs tomorrow but you have to bring Aidan” .I almost fell off of my chair !

Norman wanted to show his appreciation for my enthusiasm about the Miami River and about Tug boats. He knew that sharing this experience with Aidan for me would be an unforgettable memory that he and I can cherish for the rest of our lives.

Norman asked me to join Greg,his son, the Captain of the Atlas which is the tail tug.Greg was such a well mannered Tug Captain that he called me Sir several times.Greg was a silent legend on the Miami River that many saw work but didn’t know who he was. Today I show what real heroes look like that help move much needed supplies to and from places because of their work.He was like a Surgeon slicing through situations while tailing a massive cargo ship out of the Miami River. Norman thank you for the experience and I hope this video is a small way I can show my appreciation by showing how your son works ! You have a lot to be proud of !