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They Just Let Us TAKE a Catamaran! [Sailing Review/Vlog 1 of 2] Learning the Lines

They Just Let Us TAKE a Catamaran! [Sailing Review/Vlog 1 of 2] Learning the Lines

This video is the first in a multi-part sailing/cruising review of the Seawind 1160 Lite. We had the opportunity to cruise aboard a Seawind 1160 Lite for three days alone to really get a feel for if this boat will be right for us. We vlogged about our trip and we’ll be sharing what our thoughts are about the boat as much as possible.

We’re seriously considering the Seawind 1160 Lite for our next boat because of the long list of positives this catamaran has to offer. Here’s just a few of the most important ones to us:

Size – We don’t want a huge cat.
Seaworthiness – Plenty of Seawinds have circumnavigated.
Performance – The Seawind 1160 lite is designed to sail well first and foremost.
Livability – She’s got a lot of accommodation and room for a 38′ boat.
Price point – At a $310,000 base price for a new boat, the Seawind 1160 lite is the most affordable performance cruising catamaran in existence.

All of that combined with the fact that we can set one up with electric outboards, daggerboards, and lifting rudders means we think that the Seawind 1160 Lite might be the best boat possible for our budget and lifestyle.

What do you think?


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