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The $400 Ladyfish | Offshore Fishing Catch N Cook

The $400 Ladyfish | Offshore Fishing Catch N Cook

This story of offshore fishing adventure and mechanical defeat in which I end up doing a catch and cook with the last fish I was expecting to eat today…
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Yo Zuri Red Lure –
Daisy Chain –
Daisy Chain 2 –
Black/Purple Islander –
Trolling Weight –

*Electric Reel/Rod*
Diawa Tanacom 1000 Electric Reel –
Daiwa Saltiga Deep Drop Rod –
Daiwa Saltiga Boat Braided Line –

*Verticle Jigging Reel/Rod*
Reel SpinFisher V6500 –
SSV3080S66 Fast Action Rod –

*Trolling Reel/Rod* (i love love love the shimano tld25, have 2)
Shimano TLD25 –
Star Rod –

*Inshore/Patchreef Reels* (all rods are just regular stocks)
Penn Batttle II 3000 –
Penn Fierce II –

***My video equipment***
Gopro hero3 black –
The wind mic I use on the gopro –
My phone (use it for a lot of my footage) –
My computer (great for gaming & video editing) –

***Other gear/stuff I use and would recommend to my viewers***
My Chum holder –
My boat cutting board –
My life jacket –
My Simrad touchscreen GPS/Sonar Fish finder –
My knife sharpening stone –
My favorite lure inshore and even offshore (use just 1 big J hook when using offshore) –
Big arsh dive flag for cheap –

***My boat is a 236cc Key Largo Center Console w/ a 200HP Mercury Saltwater Series.
***They no longer make these boats so she’s a classic forever and ever.

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In this video:
I leave my marina in key largo with the plan of going offshore fishing. I was 100% set on making this a catch n cook video so the goals had been set and the fishing game is on!

My first stop is the tavernier creek marina where I get gas for my offshore fishing trip. $407 of gas to be specific. Phew! And then the worst thing ever happens to someone trying to catch fish. The boat engine dies…

3 hours later and having tried to fix everything on the engine I finally get it running again. Looks like I can go offshore after all. I guess a little bit of fishing is better than no fishing at all!

I troll and troll and troll. Right off the patch reefs off key largo florida. I was hoping I could maybe hook a mahi or wahoo or literally anything, but the sun was setting and it’s time to run back home.

At home I decide the fish fight is not over and head to the docks with some shrimp. I also plan on catching a buzz tonight after all those boat problems! At the docks I catch a ladyfish. I get a bunch of strikes, but ultimately am left with just a ladyfish.

Screw it! I fillet and clean the ladyfish. Then I drop it into some batter and fry the ladyfish. This better be worth the catch n cook video title. I actually think the ladyfish didn’t taste too bad, the only problem is that it’s FULL of little ribs.

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PS: I will not be eating ladyfish again!