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Surfing the Great Lakes

Surfing the Great Lakes

In early November of 2016, a strong cold front pushed down from Canada producing sustained 40mph winds, whiteout snow squalls and barreling fresh water waves on Lake Michigan. Our crew knew the place to be; a little hidden gem up near the Mackinac bridge.

All of this, however, is threatened every day by the 63 year old corroding pipeline, known as Line 5, which carries up to 23 million gallons of petroleum products through the straights of Mackinac every single day. In some areas, the pipeline has lost upwards of 50% of it wall thickness due to corrosion and improper maintenance by Enbridge. This Canadian oil company is also responsible for more than 1,000 oil spills across the nation since 1999.

Great Lakes surfers are concerned that this break, along with many others, will be ruined forever when the pipe bursts.

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