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Scuba Diving Hand Signals for Air Pressure

Scuba Diving Hand Signals for Air Pressure

Scuba Diving Hand Signals for Air Pressure are very important to make sure you don’t run Out of Air while on a dive. In this video, we show you all the Scuba Diving Hand Signals for Air Pressure.

The scuba hand signals air left should be asked every 5 to 10 minutes while scuba diving. I recommend to using this signal to ask your buddy what his/her air is every 10 minutes on a dive and your buddy doing the same back to you.

We wrote a full article explaining most common scuba diving hand signals. Please read it here:

Besides checking your buddy, you should always check your own air frequently during the dive. I recommend every 5 minutes a quick look at your own air gauge and every 10 minutes check your buddy or/and diving students by giving this scuba hand signal. Scuba Diving Hand Signals for Air Pressure should be used a lot during any dive.

After someone asks you for your air, you should give them the right air signal back. What is very important is that many scuba divers use different hand signals. Not asking and checking new diver air signals can be a very dangerous mistake. It is not a problem at all that some people use different scuba diving and signals than others, but it is very important to agree on any scuba hand signals before a dive, especially air signals.

Check out this Scuba Gear used in this video:

🀿 Scuba Pro Mask:
πŸ€™ Scuba Pro Glide BCD:
βœ… Scuba Pro MK 25 Regulator:
πŸ‘• Scuba Pro Rash Guard:
πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ Scuba Pro Jet Sport Fins:

Camera’s used:

πŸ“· Canon EOS 70D Camera:
➑️ Ikelite 6870.70 Underwater Camera Housing:
πŸŽ₯ Go Pro 8 Camera:

I hope this Scuba Diving Hand Signals for Air Pressure video helped you to learn more Air Pressure Signals.


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