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Sailing on a Togan wind. Adventures of an Old Seadog, ep154

Sailing on a Togan wind. Adventures of an Old Seadog, ep154

The last few days in Tonga sees a very windy anchorage. After getting the boat ready I leave for the open sea and more adventures.
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White Shadow is a Van De Stadt ‘Seal’ 36 (11 metres). She is hand made in steel, 2004, with a round bilge (hull) and a modified coach roof. This makes her a ‘one off’ and in my opinion the most beautiful Van De Stadt 36 ever built.

The camera gear:
Main camera is a Panasonic Hc- V770 with a Rode External mic. My old camera is now my number 2 is a Panasonic Hc-v700. Most shots are done with an external mic (Shenggu sg 108) with a sponge and dead kitten attached.
Action stuff and small blogging is done with a Sony Hdr-as30v.
Underwater video Gopro3plus.

Final cut pro on a Macbook. Most of the material for each video is filmed over a period of several weeks or so and the editing of each episode is normally done over a day. This process can take longer if original music is used or permissions are needed for copyrighted materials etc. Much time is spent sorting out technical problems. In this case I normally get the help of a younger person who understands computerie stuff!
There are also times when filming, editing and uploading is not possible due to being at sea or in locations with no internet access.

I have found that filming and releasing material over a period of time is better than doing ‘vlog’ style videos and trying to make episodes out of whats happened in a week, regardless if it’s good content or not. By filming over a period of time I can be more selective in what goes into each video. My aim is to avoid ‘bland and mundane’ and have at least one or two exciting and interesting events in every video. Every video has to be entertaining.

Comments and being at sea:
I love reading your comments. Most weeks Im able to read everyone. I cant reply to everybody but I do read and enjoy them. Keep them coming! There are times that It might seem I’m not on the internet for certain periods, this is normally when Im at sea on passage. While Im out on the Ocean I have completely no communications with the outside World.

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