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QD126: Boating and Swimming on the Chain of Lakes with Friends and Making Rock Candy

QD126: Boating and Swimming on the Chain of Lakes with Friends and Making Rock Candy

It’s been awhile since we’ve taken a trip on the boat, so we head out on the chain of lakes with some friends for some boating and swimming in Petite Lake before heading to an eye appointment for Raven. After weeks of asking, Raven finally gets to make some homemade rock candy!

Our boating day starts out with a breakfast of Dippin’ Dots ice cream in the car to stay cool (Cotton Candy, Rainbow and Cookie Dough). We head out to load up the Meyer Marker and get a good view of the Boathouse putting a boat in the water. You just need to click in the app to pick a launch time, then they bring your boat out and hook it up to the dock so it is ready for you when you get there to take it out. When you’re done you just hook it back up to the dock and they’ll bring it back in.

We load up to head out on the chain of lakes with some of our friends. We are taking out some friends who have been out before: Hannah, Amy and Carrie; however, we are taking out some new friends too who haven’t been out before: Emma and Ethan. Chayton helps daddy with the dock lines before taking his seat as the king of the boat, right up front and center. As we head out on the chain of lakes, the girls sit up front, port side, to enjoy the breeze as we hit “max speed”.

To get out of Pistakee Lake, we have to go through the narrow bridge at route 12, which I have decided to film each time we go through. We anchor up in our favorite location on the chain at the Petite Lake sandbar so that the kids can swim and stand in the water. The kids enjoy jumping in and splashing in the water. We try to get some GoPro footage in the lake; however, it’s hard to see due to how green the lake is. Chayton did slip and got dunked in the lake, but did still enjoy some time in the water, keeping his head above.

We head back to the marina, but not before we take a last cruise while the kids enjoy the front of the boat. Chayton is constantly going from the front to the back to the front during our trips to try and get the best view and breeze on the boat. We also hit some waves on the way back, which gives us coaster enthusiasts some roller coaster feel with the bumps and the breeze.

Raven’s appointment was just a follow up in which we decided to put prisms on her glasses to try to get her eyes to work together. Next follow up is in early October where we may need to discuss surgery.

Brittany heads to Target to get some stuff for celebrating her BFF Amy’s birthday the next day. She is able to find one container of Birthday Cake ice cream, which has pieces of cake and some frosting in the mix. To go with the ice cream, she also picks up sugar cones, safety cones and waffle cones.

Amy’s purchased gift of a talking Hedwig made it in the mail, though the packaging was damaged. Brittany also made a constellation mug for her birthday sign: Cancer.

We finally get to make rock candy for Raven! We use champagne flutes, skewer sticks and food coloring and flavoring. We decide to make red strawberry, orange peach, yellow pineapple, purple grape and pink watermelon flavors.

First step is to boil one cup of water and slowly pour in 2-3 cups of sugar, 1/2 cup at a time. We boil and dissolve the sugar until it no longer dissolves and appears to be a cloudy transparency. We let the boiled sugar cool as we prepare the flavorings and colorings.

Raven adds in 2-3 drops of flavoring and 1-2 drops of food coloring to each champagne flute for each separate flavor.

Once the boiled mixture is cooled, we dip each of the rock candy sticks in the liquid sugar and then roll it in the sugar crystals until coated. This allows the flavored liquid sugar something to grow on. We leave the sticks to dry while we mix up the flavored sugars. Each champagne flute has sugar poured in as Raven stirs each one to mix all the flavor and color.

We carefully place the dried sugar sticks to chip clips so that they are spaced far enough apart to be able to prevent the sticks from touching the sides or bottom of the flutes or from touching each other. Then we let them sit for a few days up to a few weeks to grow the crystals.

It’s an early night because Chayton is not wanting to sleep, so Brittany needs to lay with him to try to get him to bed. Next episode is Amy’s birthday, so stay tuned! Until then, we’ll see you at the next Meyer Marker!

Music used this episode:

Savannah Sunshine by Dan Henig

High Life by The Mini Vandals featuring Mamadou Koita and Lasso

Tin Spirit by Freedom Trail Studio

Milos by Eveningland

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