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Oklahoma Gardening Episode #4705 (08/01/20)

Oklahoma Gardening Episode #4705 (08/01/20)

Segment 1 (1:20)
In this episode of Oklahoma Gardening Host Casey Hentges reminds us that gardening is year round and is getting the fall vegetable garden ready by removing plants in the summer that are no longer producing and replacing them with new plants and sowing seeds.

Find more information about fall gardening at this fact sheet: HLA-6009 Fall Gardening at

Segment 2 (4:55)
The Great Plains is a huge expanse of land that stretches from across North America and into Canada, and the state of Oklahoma is a part of those beautiful Plains! We continue our series on Ornamental Grasses by taking some of those native prairie grasses and bringing them home into our pots and gardens.

To find more information about the Sporobolus heterolepis ‘Tara’ Prairie Dropseed evaluation, check out the

Segment 3 (13:40)
And then Casey harvests herbs and has tips for drying and storing them for use this winter.

Airdate (08/01/20) #4705
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