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Noosa Offshore Kayak Fishing Tournament 2018

Noosa Offshore Kayak Fishing Tournament 2018

Each year Noosa comp grows bigger. This year there were 60+ entrants! It always seems to be a scorching day with lots of ground to cover but it hasn’t disappointed yet with the comp again producing some nice fish even under slow fishing conditions. I think in the end it was around 14 fish caught between 12 competitors. With some nice Spanish Mackerel, Longtail Tuna, Spotted mackerel and Cobia amount the better fish caught. Look forward to Adder Rock in March, The biggest comp of the year!

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Some of the gear I use:
Stealth Profisha 475 Kayak
GoPro Hero 5 Black
GoPro Hero 3+ Silver
Waterwolf 1.0 Troll camera
Ultra Trek 2 PFD
Lowrance Elite 5Ti Sounder / Combo
Penn Spinfisher V 4500, Mulit-Colour 30lbs braid, Uglystik 4-8kg Platinum rod.
Penn Slammer III 5500, 30lbs Spiderwire Blue Camo braid, 40lbs fluro leader and an Ocean Assassin Archipelago rod.
Penn Fathom 30 2 speed Lever Drag, 50lbs Spiderwire Code Red braid, Uglystik Gx2 10-15kg rod.
Penn Torque 30 Stardrag, 50lbs Spiderwire Code Red braid, Penn Powercurve Reload 15-20kg rod.

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