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Myrtle Beach Voyager offshore fishing trip

Myrtle Beach Voyager offshore fishing trip

In this video I am on vacation on Myrtle Beach SC with the family. We decided to patronize one of their local “party”/”head” boats.

We book a trip with Voyager deep sea fishing out of North Myrtle Beach. All the reviews were good so so off we went.

We were disappointed. It was not the lack of fish that ruined the trip, I am very familiar with the phrase ” that is why they call it fishing and not CATCHING”. It was the Captain’s complete unwillingness to change tactics and just drop anchor. Would have been a much better and funner trip had he just anchored up over the spot. Not only do I believe that more fish would have been caught but at least inexperienced fisherman would have caught fish.

But anyway, It was a beautiful trip, seeing a part of the coast I have never visited.