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MFC Offroad Closed Loop Snorkel Installation

MFC Offroad Closed Loop Snorkel Installation

Here we document and show you everything about the only solution to a true plug and play installation of the MFC Offroad Snorkel. Not only do you gain added depth of water fording with this aftermarket accessory, but you gain added horse power.

The design of the K&N closed loop system with the free flowing ingestion of air into your engine adds growl all across the RPM range and cooler intake temperatures. Heat soak is reduced entirely, and your engine breathes more freely. You can hear the engine scream as we get it tested out after installation as well.

One of the most common questions we have when it comes to a snorkel, is how water is not sucked into the engine. Since all the connections are based off a closed loop design, the only location where water can be sucked in is at the grill guard at the very top. During rain storms this location has a water egress section at the back. So as water and air are brought into the pipe, it his the back and exits at the same time. This is shown and discussed as well within the video.