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KeeXtreme #4 – Goldeneye Bungee-Jump at Valle Verzasca

KeeXtreme #4 – Goldeneye Bungee-Jump at Valle Verzasca

This summer I drove down to south Switzerland with ArcoTheWolf, Tillikum and AvalonRoo. It was a hell of a trip of 2000km+ and a lot of troubles. Buuut, it was all worth it, because I was able to do the second highest Bungee Jump in the world, which was also performed by James Bond in the beginning of Golden Eye.
Same location and same AWESOMENESS 😀

Thank you all, who helped me with, BigBlueFox for the AMAZING videowork! Also Arco for the driving, Tillikum for filming, Avalon for sponsoring his place to stay at and of course for their help :3

And also maaaany many bigups to Feint, who was so nice to let us using his music! Check out his stuff on SoundCloud: !

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