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It's never too late to start kiteboarding!

It's never too late to start kiteboarding!

Gwen Le Tutour put this video together to inspire others to go after whatever it is you look to do in life. It’s never too late to start…….

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In September 2020 the Jupiter, FL kite community was privileged to have a wonderful gentleman Gwen Le Tutour visit Jupiter, FL for the first time. He is an incredible film maker out of Idaho who loves to kitesurf. Most of his days he kites by himself on a lake so we made sure we showed him the Jupiter love.

A little glimpse of what makes this place so special and the people:

“Words from Gwen”
I went to Jupiter, FL for the first time and met one of the most welcoming kiteboarding community ever! Damien LeRoy, 2011 kiteboarding World Champion and his crew including Harry Andrews, local legend and Jacob Olivier young pro rider are out there everyday living their best life. This experience left me so inspired and I hope this video will inspire you too. As Harry says, it’s never too late to start learning something new, he actually just started wing foiling this year at age 63.

Special thanks to, Harry Andrews, Jacob Olivier and Jose Rojas

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