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Is Tesla Going To Revolutionize The Boating Industry?

Is Tesla Going To Revolutionize The Boating Industry?

Is Tesla Going To Revolutionize The Boating Industry?

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Is Tesla Going To Revolutionize The Boating Industry?

Elon has always been inspired by vehicles. He once revealed that his cyber truck’s design was actually inspired by this amphibious car. While it might seem crazy right now, Tesla may have plans to enter the boating sector in a few more years. Right now, the evidence suggests that he may have plans for a cruise option or an amphibious car, or even both.

In recent years, we’ve all seen how Tesla has singlehandedly led the switch towards electric vehicles. Electric vehicles can accelerate faster, have low maintenance costs, and are likely to be cheaper compared to internal combustion engines. However, electric boats are still a distant reality for the most part.

Boats and batteries complement each other perfectly. Batteries would allow people to cruise at faster speeds for as long as they want without having to suffer through loud noises and obnoxious diesel smells. Electric boats have never been able to become a mainstream product due to weight-related problems. Boats are far more weight sensitive compared to cars. Electric vehicles have practically little resistance to fight against (it’s mostly just weight and air) compared to boats.

Tesla batteries have been used to power electric boats before. Pure Watercraft happens to be a boat company, which makes use of the same type of batteries that powered older Tesla models. The company is sourcing these batteries from Panasonic, which are claimed to have an energy density estimated at 165 watt-hours/kilogram. However, this performance is quite discouraging when you consider that the Tesla Model 3 batteries have an energy density estimated at around 260 watt-hours/kilogram.

Given that a simple startup is capable of managing these specs despite having to use low energy density battery packs, it won’t be much time before Tesla throws its hat into the ring. Elon has already revealed his plans to manufacture batteries whose energy density exceeds 400 watt-hours/kilogram in a few more years. This is nearly 142% higher compared to the energy density of the batteries used by Pure Watercraft.

The average luxury cruise ship has to burn around 250 gallons of precious fuel on a daily basis. Apart from polluting the water, this is also a major cost factor that brings down the profits enjoyed by these cruise companies.

The electric ferry boat offers more financial advantages as well. Ampere, which is the first American electric ferry operator, has reported several impressive statistics regarding their operations. This is no small amount. Once Tesla’s batteries are used to drive boats, electric ferries may have such an overwhelming financial edge over the competition that it would make no sense to go any other way.

Amphibious cars with such features are not likely to have a huge market. However, cars with boat capabilities may be attractive to the broader population. Elon Musk had previously stated in 2016 that the Model X would have the ability to function as a temporary boat with the wheels being used as its thrusters.

Tesla is unlikely to enter the boating industry for at least the next two years due to its battery supply constraints. However, this issue may be resolved over the next decades, paving the way for their entry into the boating industry. Elon already thinks that electric boats are the future, which he had stated at an interview.

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