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How We Stay Connected Sailing the World || Free Wifi, Phones & Satellite

How We Stay Connected Sailing the World || Free Wifi, Phones & Satellite

Internet & connectivity while sailing across oceans can be tricky, so we’re sharing our biggest tips.
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We begin our day with a simple mini adventure: Free Dive the barrier reef to capture a few good images to share on Instagram The outside depths range from 30-60+ feet so it’s great exercise and good free-diving practice.

When we returned to Curiosity (our Catamaran) to upload the image it sparked an idea. We get questions too often about internet and connectivity on a sailboat: “How do you upload videos and photos from the middle of the ocean?” and “I thought that deserted island didn’t have cell phone towers?” or “What’s the best cell phone plan for international travel?” and our all-time favorite “Why don’t you just buy better / faster satellite internet for your sailboat?”

We say weather dictates our travels but if we’re totally honest, connectivity likely holds equal weight.

As sailors there is a big difference between connectivity while coastal cruising vs offshore sailing. We do both, so this is an overview of all the ways we stay connected while near land and offshore. Plus, sometimes we’re somewhere so remote that our offshore setup is our best onshore option.

We’ve been traveling full-time for 8 years and many of these recommendations stem from those years of travel experience. These aren’t exclusive tips and tricks for sailors, these gadgets are good for most travelers…especially those looking to get off the grid. From satellite to cell phones and even boosters this is how we keep connected while sailing around the world.

From swimming with sharks to sharing our internet and connectivity tips, it’s a pretty diverse day. We share in the hopes that this video helps you get started on your quest to keep connected while traveling.

Here’s what we cover in the vid:
02:19 – If you don’t care about the mini diving adventure and want to skip to the tips
04:02 – How we get Free WiFi
05:06 – Our Favorite WiFi Booster / Extender
06:05 – Paid WiFi options
07:17 – Local data SIM cards
08:31 – Our Best International Cell Phone and Data Plan
10:49 – Our Top Cell and Data Booster
12:02 – Satellite Internet, SAT phone, texting and GPS tracking maps

If you found these tips helpful please let us know in the comments below. If you’re planning to purchase some of the gadgets or gear we’ve recommended please click over to the blog post on our website (or head straight to our gear store As we mentioned in the video we have a few affiliate links and discount codes that can put a little extra cash in both our pockets.

Shared with LOVE 💕 from all of us here aboard s/v Curiosity,
– Jason, Nikki, Cleo and Singa 😻

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