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How to Catch Lobster in the Florida Keys While Snorkeling

How to Catch Lobster in the Florida Keys While Snorkeling

If you have ever been down to the Florida Keys for the opening of lobster season, then you know how passionate people get for catching lobster.

(And for any of you northerners, these are “Spiny Lobster”, not the Maine or New England lobster you might be used to seeing.)

Anglers from all of over the state and beyond travel down to the warm and clear waters of the Florida Keys for lobster season because it’s the best place in the southern US for catching lobster in a family environment.

The reason for this is because in the Keys, there are tons of lobster in the 3 to 10 ft depth range so anyone who can somewhat hold their breath and swim has a shot at catching them.

And the added bonus is that their tails are delicious… my personal favorite is butterflying the tails and grilling them… yum!

Although these Florida lobster frequent shallow water, they can still be tricky to catch for a novice diver, so we put this video together to show exactly how to catch lobster with a net and tickle stick.

To learn more about it and to see a list of recommended gear, click on the link below to see our full lobster catching report:

How To Catch Lobster In The Florida Keys Without Scuba Tanks [Video]

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