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How I Got My Enthusiasm For Gardening Back!

How I Got My Enthusiasm For Gardening Back!

I recently came across these old photos of my garden and thought I would document how much it has changed over the past 15 years since we moved here in 2005. Whilst I had loved the enormous garden in our previous house, where we lived for 17 years, it was so big it often felt overwhelming, so I didn’t want another garden that big. This garden seemed much more manageable, but for some reason I just could not find any inspiration or motivation to get started on this one. All the paving was old-fashioned and uneven and all the brickwork was crumbling and falling down. So for quite a few years we had little else but weeds! We had to remove the oak tree growing right outside the back door as it created shade over the whole garden for most of the day, plus the amount of leaves in the Autumn was unbelievable. I then removed the crumbling raised beds and things began to take shape. We decided to build the log cabin for Richard’s office, which freed up our second bedroom. After that my enthusiasm for gardening really took off, and we saved up very hard and got our garden landscaped. Ever since then, which was 3 years ago, my love for gardening has thankfully returned and I have spent many hours planting and designing the borders again. Now I am in my element once again and it really is my happy place. It has been especially wonderful during this year of Lockdown, and my garden and my dogs have seen me through being isolated. I decided to try a gardening YouTube channel just 6 months ago. I did already watch so many other gardening YouTubers and thought “I’m out here doing it, I may as well film it and see what happens” and so that is what I did. I’ve enjoyed being a YouTuber so much so far, and as you never run out of jobs to do in the garden, I hope I can continue doing it. It’s certainly a great way of documenting the changes I make. I do hope you enjoy watching this video and I hope I have inspired you to get out in your gardens too.

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Have fun in your gardens!

Janette, The Enthusiastic Gardener