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HOT Summer Spearfishing Ends with FIRE RESCUE | Boating Accident

HOT Summer Spearfishing Ends with FIRE RESCUE | Boating Accident

In today’s episode, I take you freedive spearfishing with my friends on shipwrecks and coral reefs over a few days in Miami, Florida. At the first dive spot, I shot a yellowtail snapper and a grunt on a sunken shipwreck. I was using an old gun of mine and the reel kept jamming causing my spear to stop short so I missed a few fish. At the second spot, I switched to my trusty Rob Allen speargun and dove on a beautiful coral reef where I first caught a lobster. I had nowhere to put it so I stored it alive in my shirt. It ended up crawling up my sleeve and biting the crap out of my arm! Then I shot two yellowjacks and a mutton before a huge rainstorm hit us. I could barely see the boat because the rain was so hard so I swam quickly in the direction it was.

At the last spot of the day, my friend and I were diving a coral reef. I threw my throw flasher and shot a nice mackerel that came in. After that we spotted some mahogany snappers we wanted to shoot and out of nowhere, I feel an impact at the base of my skull and my neck. I look up and realize I had just been run over by a jetski. I look at my friend who was to my right and ask him if he’s ok and he said “no”. I yelled for the boat but the wind was too strong for them to hear us. So I grabbed my friend’s gun and we started swimming to the boat. I was keeping one eye on him and one eye on the jetskier who looked like he was about to run us over for a second time. We screamed at him and finally got his attention. He didn’t even realize what he had done and completely ignored our dive flag, or was ignorant of what it means. We’re so lucky to be ok and to not have been seriously injured. We walked away with some bruises, sore necks and a renewed appreciation for life!

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