Growing Cucumbers In My Mom's Home Garden | Ep18 Backyard Organic Gardening & Harvesting Vlog 2020

Growing Cucumbers In My Mom's Home Garden | Ep18 Backyard Organic Gardening & Harvesting Vlog 2020

Growing Cucumbers In My Mom's Home Garden | Ep18 Backyard Organic Gardening & Harvesting Vlog 2020

This is the 18th episode in the new video series of gardening vlogs for 2020 by young gardener Aiman. Unlike the previous episodes which showcased the tour of the home garden on a periodic basis, the next few episodes will exclusively deal with individual plants, vegetables, herbs, berries, shrubs and fruit trees.

In this video, Aiman talks about the growing cucumbers (scientific name Cucumis sativus) in his mom’s backyard garden. Cucumbers can start to bear fruits and be harvested as early as 50-70 days from planting.

There are many varieties of cucumber but the one that we like the most is English / European / Hothouse. Unfortunately we did not plant that variety this year. Some of the varieties we planted are Oriental, Slicing, Marketmore, Burplees and Pickles cucumber.

Other popular varieties are Armenian, English (seedless), Garden, Gherkins, Kirby, Lemon, Persian, Burpless, Ashley, Bush Champion, Japanese, Indian, Dasher, Diva, Early Pride, Fanfare, Long Green, Marketer, Muncher, Poinsett, Salad Bush, Spacemaster, Straight Eight, Sugar Crunch, Sweet Slice, Tanja, Tendergreen, Boston Pickling, Burpee, Carolina, Fancipak, Calypso, Homemade, Littleleaf, National, Parisian, Picklebush, Supremo and more…

Growing Cucumbers: Crunchy cucumbers, fresh from the garden are in a league of their own, so if you’re wondering whether to grow them or not, the answer should be a resounding ‘yes’!

There are cucumber varieties suitable for growing outdoors or in the greenhouse. Outdoor cucumbers, also called ‘ridge cucumbers’, will tolerate cooler climates and are often spiny or rough to the touch. Greenhouse cucumbers form smoother fruits but do need that extra warmth for success. Some varieties will happily grow inside or out, in a sunny, sheltered spot in the garden.

Cucumbers need temperatures of at least 68ºF (20ºC) to germinate, so either place pots in a propagator for speedier germination, or simply wait until late spring to get started. Once the seedlings appear, remove the weakest to leave one per pot.

As mentioned in the 1st video of this series, Aiman will be providing updates on his mom’s backyard garden & the progress report on the continuous re-transformation of that garden by his dad either on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

They’ve completed the wooden retaining wall and fencing around the main garden in order to protect against pests, wild animals and their cats. They added arbor atop the trellis for climbing vines. Along the back wall, Aiman’s dad plans to plant flowers and edamame (soy bean).

Cucumbers, yard long beans and other climbing vegetables have grown nicely. Kale, cabbage, broccoli and other early summer plants are also bigger and greener than last week. The pepper and chili plants have started to flower and budding.

The tomatoes are big now. Same thing with the eggplants. The tropical veggies and herbs such as coriander, Chinese celery & Asian spinach, most of the other tropical veggies such as Vietnamese coriander (daun kesum), kangkung or Chinese water spinach have grown exponentially. We have started to seed in the ground for veggies such as Okra, peria, luffa and others.

Because we live near a wooded area and river stream, not only deer are a huge problems, some of the plants have been rummaged and eaten by wild animals such as squirrels, wood chucks, beavers, ground hogs, gofers and others.

If you’re interested in watching the 1st makeover for their garden from 2010 or about ten years ago, these 2 videos, “My Mom’s Backyard Garden” and “How My Dad Transformed My Mom’s Garden” are very popular. You can watch them on Aiman’s EyeOnAiman youtube playlist here:

Stay tune for Episode 19 coming up soon…

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This video is brought to you by Aiman Aimran Zulhilmi Anuar. Please watch more of Aiman’s backyard gardening, tips & techniques how to plant and what to grow and other gardening topics on his EYEONAIMAN’s Youtube Channel & Facebook Page.

Recording Date: July 12, 2020
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