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[FULL] Rent-A-Girlfriend/Kanojo, Okarishimasu! "Kokuhaku Bungee Jump" ~by Halca ED Piano Arrangement

[FULL] Rent-A-Girlfriend/Kanojo, Okarishimasu! "Kokuhaku Bungee Jump" ~by Halca ED Piano Arrangement

“Kokuhaku Bungee Jump” was so exciting to arrange. Sadly, it took me over a week to finish the output. I lacked confidence with my work, also thinking about how to transcribe the drums into piano dynamics. I’ve been procrastinating, and it was fun lol. I gathered all my willpower tonight in order to do what has to be done.

Note: I am starting to make Synthesia look kinda like SeeMusic lmao jk. Expect more quality uploads like this from now on! (Took me more than 3 hours converting a 5-min long video : )

In 0:04, I made it easy to play, simple left hand broken chords and thirds on the right hand. 0:015 was the part where everything builds up, simple octaves on the left and complex ones for the melody. 0:25 is the actual fun part of the song. Pretty catchy and pretty hard. Many left hand jumps are included so I made simple melodies to be easier to cover. But things get harder on 0:45, right hand octaves lol. Before building up for the chorus, 1:01 was just simple C4-C6 happy notes and a lot of sustain. The chorus, 1:06, is hard to play because of the left hand jumps. Oh how I love 2:53 until the end, it sounds so perfect for me. This is the guitar part of the full song, and I kinda made it beautifully. I had to put semi-tones to the melody, to sound like a guitar lol. Too sad, I didn’t have time to make drums.

This is a FULL cover so I have to repeat sections of notes to the arrangement and changed small things. Let me know what you thought about my arrangement in the comment section, feel free to diss me.

MIDI file:


Softwares used:
• FL Studio (Trial Version)
• Synthesia (Paid Version)

• Keyzone Classic [ Steinway Grand ]

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