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Fisherman Ejected off Boat (No Life Jacket)

Fisherman Ejected off Boat (No Life Jacket)

Life Jackets save lives People ! Today we got lucky my nephew Eddy didn’t get hurt while we were fishing. I had told him to come down that it wasn’t safe up top. We following birds for a Mahi Mahi tournament and suddenly got hit by a huge side wave that ejected him . He had 20 minutes earlier fallen standing in the same place and lost a rod and reel but managed to stay on the boat.

Then once he got ejected he still held my other rod and reel in one hand and his phone and glasses in another. Thankfully I saw him fall off of the boat and went back quickly to get him. We were not even pushing the boat hard at the time. I quickly pressed the man over board button on my gps and put the motor on NEUTRAL once i got to him.

Crazy day,we did manage to catch 4 mahi and a trigger fish and called it a day.