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Epic Snorkeling Kauai, Hawaii: Poipu Beach HD

Epic Snorkeling Kauai, Hawaii: Poipu Beach HD

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Just returned from a fantastic trip to Kauai, Hawaii. Swam, snorkeled, and hiked all across this beautiful piece of paradise. One of the best beaches I visited was Poipu Beach (Poʻipū), southern Kauai. The sheer number of fish was astounding and the calm waters at the time made for very relaxing snorkeling.
You will notice there isn’t quite as much active coral as on other island beaches, however, the number of fish made up for it. Initially, it was little cloudy, hence the darker water, but it cleared up quickly. Please don’t touch the coral or feed the fish here, leave no trace and respect the water!

Filmed with BlackVue Action Camera
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