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EL NIDO, PHILIPPINES 🌴☀️💦 | TOUR A Island Hopping & Snorkeling Day Trip

EL NIDO, PHILIPPINES 🌴☀️💦 | TOUR A Island Hopping & Snorkeling Day Trip

El Nido, Philippines—the true definition of a “tropical paradise.” Getting here is no easy feat, which only makes it that much better once you see it with your own eyes. El Nido Tour A came highly recommended online as the best and most diverse island hopping and snorkeling tour, so after checking different prices in central El Nido, Philippines, we decided we would try out Tour A first. We visited the Big Lagoon, Shimizu Island, Secret Lagoon and 7 Commando Beach, quickly finding out why so many people flock to the Philippines’ popular, gorgeous Palawan island.

Dawn by Vlad Gluschenko @vgl9
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