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CASA BONITA: Cliff Divers With Your Tacos??? – Why Would You Eat There?

CASA BONITA: Cliff Divers With Your Tacos??? – Why Would You Eat There?

Mariachi! Cliff Divers! Scary Cave exploration! A Gorilla?? (Also, Mexican food!) Casa Bonita is a Denver institution, combining hearty Mexican food with live shows (LOTS of live shows) and family fun adventures! SUBSCRIBE :

WHAT? Where’s the second half? What will the food be like? Will we get the chance to enjoy it before Chiquita the Gorilla steals it away?

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Casa Bonita’s expansive interior can not only fit a whopping 1000 diners, it spares room for a waterfall, several stage shows, an entertainment arcade, and a gift shop. It’s fun for the whole family, and is a beloved landmark to people from all over Colorado, including those kids from South Park!

Have you been to Casa Bonita? What did you think is the most fun or unique part of the experience? Do you think those cliff divers wait a full hour after eating before taking their plunges? Would you recommend the sopaipillas (of course you would!)?

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