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Boom Beach Mech – New Boom Beach Warships Troop?!

Boom Beach Mech – New Boom Beach Warships Troop?!

The latest Boom Beach video sneaks in a teaser that most of us missed… a reference to a Boom Beach Mech. New Boom Beach Warships Troop or just a typo or attempt at hype? I don’t have any details to share and the thumbnail is just a generic mech that I have turned the same color as the boom beach tank…

► Will it be in Boom Beach Warships Season 14 or as a New Boom Beach Proto Troop?

Then we’ll get into some Boom Beach Warships 5 ER gameplay. I was a bit hesitant to move up but it has been great so far!

Boom Beach Warships Season 13: Protos is here and there’s a lot of choices involved. Boom Beach Engineers? Boom Beach Dr. Vitamin? Boom Beach Brick? We’ll show how strong Boom Beach Cryo Bombardiers are on Boom Beach 4 ERs with 2 and 3 boats of Boom Beach Clone Riflemen (or are they Boom Beach Clone Rifleman)

TWO new boom beach troops. The Boom Beach Clone Rifleman and the Boom Beach Incinerator. Plus buffed boom beach engineer (extra range), the boom beach lazortron and boom beach cryo bombardiers!

► Really hoping that Supercell features the Boom Beach Admirals Key this season to get low level HQ players digging things!

We’re going to give away boom beach diamonds, boom beach second builder and boom beach instant training. PLUS a HUGE prize full of physical goods shipped to your HOUSE.

► Make sure you throw ‘ZMOT’ in your boom beach creator code to support more giveaways.

We get a hero just after boom beach 3er, we get boom beach seekers a bit later on and then late in the tree there are a TON of prototype defenses. Lots to like at first glance!

► 20 day season 13 will be short and action packed!

Boom Beach season 13 is almost here so set your alarm if you’re living in the west coast of north america because it launches at the same (AWFUL) time! Boom Beach Sneak Peek access so you can plan your early metas, bank your boom beach unlock tokens and plan to open your boom beach warship chests!

We’ll go through boom beach warships season 13 tech tree, show some quick tidbits then sign out! Not the longest boom beach sneak peek or the most detailed but hopefully you gain some insight into what’s coming! Boom Beach Warship Season XI again has no name which is a bit disappointing after Take Flight and Grounded…

► We’ll briefly talk about the base races that are coming to Boom Beach Warships 2 Engine Room Bases (boom beach heavy rush) and Boom Beach Warships 3 Engine Room Bases. Hoping that Boom Beach Warships tech tree tips help you in some way! Boom Beach Warships season 13 is bound to be another good one.

Probably want to rush to boom beach three engine rooms and then backtrack.

Boom Beach season 12 Warships is OVER and Boom Beach War ships season 13 has started! Take Flight Boom Beach is gone. Starting out with flares, riflemen and more. Boom Beach Mega crab back to back with Boom Beach Warship is crazy. Too much!

► Boom Beach season 13 has a NAME! Protos! Finally they fixed the oversight from the last few seasons.

Hope you’re going to enjoy warship season 13 and you start rushing to get Boom Beach Warships 3 Engine Room Bases and Boom Beach Warships 4 Engine Room Bases!

► Instant training isn’t a must, your troops can live! Just retreat and live to fight another day. Especially Critter Cannons and their crazy reserve numbers…

Can’t stress it enough, stay away from anything boom beach hack related. Lots of them published right now, none are real! boom beach hack apk 2020, boom beach mod apk 2020, boom beach mod apk, boom beach hack,boom beach hack apk, boom beach hack 2020 are all bs that want to steal your account and get you banned!

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