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Best Snorkeling Australia Great Barrier Reef

Best Snorkeling Australia Great Barrier Reef

We believe the best snorkeling in the world is a coral reef adventure on a Great Barrier Reef snorkeling trip with Wavelength Marine Charters because coral reefs on the great barrier reef australia are perfect for snorkeling rather than scuba diving due to their shallow nature with most life in the first few metres.

Great barrier reef diving is more for the scuba diving experience rather than seeing coral reefs and fish.

Unlike snorkeling in hawaii or snorkeling in cozumel or snorkeling in bahamas or snorkeling in sharm el sheikh, expert snorkeling tips and snorkeling how to information is given on the boat.

Snorkelling great barrier reef not from crowded Cairns but from Port Douglas is the best snorkeling with sharks, snorkeling with dolphins, snorkeling with turtles and snorkeling with stingrays.

Unlike the high impact Agincourt reefs, Opal Reef is like snorkelling in a coral reef aquarium.