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Aqua Lung Smart Full Face Snorkel Review

Aqua Lung Smart Full Face Snorkel Review

Aqua Lung Smart Full Face Snorkel Review
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The Aqua Lung Smart Full Face Snorkel Mask is a mask that will cover your face to keep the water away from your eyes nose and mouth so you can explore the oceans more comfortably. Unlike a traditional mask and snorkel set up, you don’t need to hold the snorkel in your mouth by biting down on a mouthpiece and you can breathe through both nose and mouth.

The very top of the snorkel has a float inside that will block the top when submerged so even if you duck under the water or a wave splashes over it will help prevent any water from getting in. Even if a small amount of water does get into the mask it will collect down at the bottom by your chin and be pushed out of the mask when you breathe out.

Another benefit of the Mask is that you don’t have to defog or prepare the lens before you go out because every time you breathe fresh air will defog the mask. The humid air you breathe out is circulated around the outside of the mask and then out so you only ever breathe fresh air. The Smart also has one of the lowest work of breathing compared to similar masks like the Tribord and OlySpeed making it easier and more natural to breathe from.

– Simply Scuba
– Aqua Lung
– Mark Newman
– Shaun Johnson
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