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Advanced Streamer Fly Fishing

Advanced Streamer Fly Fishing

Streamers are an effective way of catching trout, often some of the largest fish in a river or stream will move to a streamer. In the last 20 years streamer fly fishing has changed a great deal, from the fly lines used to the fly patterns. In this fascinating video, Tom Rosenbauer will go into great detail about the new techniques, fly lines, leaders and fly patterns used for successful modern streamer fishing!
Here are some of the equipment Tom used in this video:
Helios 906 D Outfit
Sink Tip Fly Lines
Poly Leaders
Depth Charge Lines
Mirage Tippet
Clearwater Trout Spey Outfit
Dragon Tail Flies
D&D Streamer
Game Changer
Tunghead Woolly Bugger

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