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400 Mile New Jersey to North Carolina Offshore Fishing Trip + Surf Fishing

400 Mile New Jersey to North Carolina Offshore Fishing Trip + Surf Fishing

Happy Thanksgiving all! crazy how the striper fishing was so good this day last year and so bad today..

This video is from about a month ago. Got an invite to move “The Hot Tuna” which is a charter boat in LBI NJ (call 862-703-1895 if interested in a charter) to its winter home in Morehead City North Carolina. The crew consisted of Bob the Captain, Dante the 2nd captain, and Scott, Jimmy and Me. This would be a 48 hour trip covering about 400+ miles of Ocean, we stopped and hit some lobster pots to start the trip off, putting a dozen mahi in the box before posting up on the troll toward our southern destination. The only reason I narrated the whole mahi session was because my corrupt gopro didnt record any of the audio… We caught a few more mahi and a couple skipjack before the sun set. We woke up the next morning somewhere off the Outer Banks and about an hour after sunrise got a surprise Billfish.. I figured this would be the day we would catch tuna and other sick fish but the further south we got, the dirtier the water got, and we spent a lot of the day trolling some nasty looking water. At one point we saw the Oregon Inlet fleet, dozens of boats, all running toward the inlet? That was not a good sign. We found a couple King Mackerel in some shallower water on the edge of the Gulf Stream but generally day 2 was a bust. The final nail in the coffin was when the coast guard came and checked the boat for the final hour- hour and a half of daylight.. Day 3, we arrived in Morehead City, cleaned the fish, lived the docklife, slipped the boat and went to Bobs House. Typical of times when you dont bring any gear, the albies were going wild all over the beaches in front of Bobs house and I had absolutely nothing adequate to cast at them. Scott got one on a really inadequate jig before I got there. I got bit on a twister tail but the albie broke the cheap hook… thankfully the albies disappeared and we were able to focus on the small fluke that were all over in the wash… the day ended with a big bite on my gulp shrimp and getting a nice spool-job by a lowly shark. All in all it was a crazy few days of travel and fishing.

My White Rod is Pompano Bay Custom 7′

Some stuff you might want for Fishing and or Christmas-

Fluorocarbon ( we used all kinds of fluoro on this trip)-

Insulateld XtraTuf boots –

Or the offshore xtratuf Dante had-

Penn Clash’s on Sale –

that Fluke bait-

reach that next level of fishing by spending your life savings on these pliers –

or this reel. I want

Maybe you’ll have better luck with this camera than I do, but this thing has like 48 problems, and for 350$ that seems like a deal…

Happy Thanksgiving yall. hopefully this vid doesnt get demonetized