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2017 Flibs Boat Show – Ribs Tenders and Dinghies

2017 Flibs Boat Show – Ribs Tenders and Dinghies

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As promised the 2017 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show and all the Ribs,Tenders,and Dinghies I could get my hands on. Here is a list of the companies that were featured at the show.

Time Stamp of each feature….

Argos Nautic 1:41-4:06

Techno Hull 4:07-10:16

Zar Fomenti 10:17-16:23

Brig 16:24-22:36

Nuova Jolly 22:37-30:08

Foldable Rib 30:09- 33:35


Walker Bay 38:48-41:02

Lomac 41:03-45:19

Williams Jet 45:21-47:26

Ab inflatables 47:27-51:49

Mercury inflatables 51:50-53:33

Brig 53:34-54:35

Achilles inflatables 54:36- 54:55

Zodiac 54:56-58:13

Avon 58:14-58:59

Sea Legs 59:00-59:40

Highfield 59:41-1:01:18

Alfred Closing Show 1:01:19-1:02:29

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