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► 1 Maus vs 29 FV304s + 30 Maus Cliff Dive! – World of Tanks: Face Off #22

► 1 Maus vs 29 FV304s + 30 Maus Cliff Dive! – World of Tanks: Face Off #22

World of Tanks 1 Maus vs 29 FV304 SPGs. World of Tanks Maus vs Artillery / SPG Face Off. World of Tanks Giveaway Contest, 100,000 Subscribers Celebration Event, Free Gold and Free Premium Tanks Giveaway!


For the start, I wish you Merry Christmas, enjoy your holiday and spend time with your family!
For that, I decided to make one special episode for you… 1 Maus vs 29 FV304s… Why? Who cares, why the hell not, right? 😀 It is here just to entertain you a little bit!

And as this is special episode in special day, I am going to give away A LOT of prizes! What exactly? Watch the video!

And huge huge thank you to every single one of you who helped me with this episode! #LoveYouAll

Merry Christmas and Enjoy!

Music used:
Rock The Young 2 – Sven Karlsson
Rock The Young 3 – Sven Karlsson
Rock The Young 4 – Sven Karlsson
Majesty 2 – Marcus Svedin
Majesty 4 – Marcus Svedin
Majesty 3 – Marcus Svedin
Christmas Edition Joy To The World – Björn Skogsberg
Home For Christmas 4 – Magnus Ringblom
►Tanks in action:
– German/Germany Maus, Tier 10 Heavy Tank
– UK/British FV304 (Bert), Tier 6 Artillery / SPG
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